Ethnographic Documentary Project

‘London, Nonpermanent Home’

Moving between different occupied houses in London I begun filming this project with the idea of ​​representing human experience through a documentary film. This film is a reflection of a personal search process in a context of alternative lifestyles.

Cover vimeo buena

The exploratory ethnographic video “London, Nonpermanent Home” has several functions: 1) as recording technique, 2) media, 3) mode of representation, and 4) study. In this film, the camera is considered not only as a means of obtaining data that can be used to perform a reflection on the alternative lifestyle of young people in London, but also serves to reflect on the look that has the director about the reality observed. The camera in this work is constitutive of reality experienced by the researcher, creating an interactive and participatory relationship between camera, researcher, subject and context.

“London, Nonpermanent Home” is a Film from which you can reflect on the sociocultural context of young people living in squats. In this way it aims to create a visual reference to discuss and analyse the different factors of reality portrayed by the researcher. Persons considered non-systemic, people seeking answers through psychedelic exploration, people who have something to tell. What aspirations and expectations of life have these people?, What are their dreams and frustrations?, What are their survival skills? This and other answers are what we find in the documentary “London, Nonpermanent Home”.

Andres Roccatagliata ( London 2014 )


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